7 Ways To Make Your Own Baby Formula Taste Better

Making Baby formula is so familiar to all mothers, however, not all mothers know how to make your own baby formula taste better. Here, Pjmommy.com would like to tell some mother experience milk formula for the mother should refer.

Ways to make baby formula taste better

make baby formula

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies. However, for many reasons you can not breastfeed, substitute with formula milk. Determine that breastfeeding with formula will be much harder, from choosing the right milk to cleaning the bottle.

There is also a very important thing that many parents do not pay attention. That’s how to make baby formula taste better. People just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to make a dairy product, not knowing that there are still many other rules.

Do not use mineral water

Some moms think that mineral water is pure water and rich in minerals, such as calcium, so it’s good to make baby formula milk. However, many mothers do not know in calcium mineral water so when making up baby formula will lead to excess calcium in children lead to constipation, kidney stones ….

Even making formula with mineral water can lead to other serious illnesses that the mother does not anticipate. At best, mother absolutely not mixed with mineral water but should be mixed with boiled water.

Do not mix baby formula milk with juice

Some mothers find that children are lazy to drink milk and think that the reason is because children are afraid of the smell of milk should come up with the idea of adding milk with fruit juice.

Juice is sweet and fragrant so mother think that when it adds with milk, the taste will be better, you will like to drink more, or help your child absorb both nutrients from milk, also absorbing vitamins from the fruit.

However, this is completely wrong thinking. Mixing with milk does not only reduce the nutrients in the milk, but also the risk of poisoning in the baby.

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Mix baby formula milk with boiling water at a temperature of 50 – 80 degrees Celsius

If the mother uses too hot water, it will cause the ingredients such as protein, lysine, folic acid … in the milk to dissolve due to high water temperature. If baby formula is too cold will make milk difficult to melt, lumps, difficult to digest.

Therefore, the mother should mix milk at a temperature of about 30 to 40 degrees C is best, because the milk just melted, not decompose all the nutrients contained in the milk.

Measure the milk accurately

make baby formula

Measure milk is important because it determines whether the baby is properly absorbed or not. If too much will cause the child to be over-nutrient .

Mothers should remember that manufacturers balance the optimal amount of nutrients in each milking phase, so moms do not need to give more or less. Just follow the instructions on the package to provide adequate nutrients for the baby.

Use the spatula of the manufacturer

To measure milk standards, the mother needs to measure with the spoon of the manufacturer. If you use a spoon outside, the amount of milk is different and can not be the same as the manufacturer’s standard.

Therefore, after each using, the mother should really clean milk on the bottle and spoons, stowed neatly in the box for the next time.

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Make baby formula several times a day

Some children can not drink all the milk produced by the manufacturer. In this case, the mother can divide the baby formula several times a day for the baby but still mix in the right proportion.

For example, once a formula a baby must drink 150ml milk, mothers only make 70ml milk, 2 hours later, mothers add 80ml of milk remaining for children to drink.

In this way, children are given a moderate amount of milk, not bored, milk is not excess and lose flavor, nutrients.

Shake the milk well after making

After pouring the milk into the bottle, the mother makes sure to cover the bottle neck, then shake to let the milk dissolve in the bottle and insert the nipple for the baby (or mother can also use chopsticks to stir the milk to dissolve. ). She also noted that it is important to test before breastfeeding to avoid overheating affecting baby’s breastfeeding.

Here are some ways to make baby formula taste better  and what to avoid in formulaing. Hope that parents will have experience to mix baby formula milk properly, help lovely baby grow faster healthy.

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