7 Basic Tool Every Beginner Gardeners Should Use

Water sprayer

You are a loving person with gardening work. You are passionate about planting trees and like to take care of your own little garden.

However, muddy hands and feet make you apprehensive, gardening tools have become an effective assistant to help you be more ready to confront them to be more successful in your gardening work. Handy garden tools have greatly reduced the work of gardeners.

From professional gardeners to amateurs, water sprayers, scissors, shovels, scissors, scissors are their treasure. Not only does it help to clean weeds, prune branches, wilted plants, and so much more.

Below we would like to introduce you very useful products in the gardening process that you will be pleased.

1. Garden Gloves

garden gloves

Of course this is the first tool you will ever consider when gardening. To protect the gardener’s hands, gardening gloves are always mentioned first on the list of important gardeners. .

Protective gloves are effective in protecting hands when working, especially for women. Avoid sharp objects that scratch your hands.

Muddy soil when gardening will not cling to the delicate itching and may allergy and so on. If you are a gardener or a mother who likes to grow vegetables, buy them a pair of good gardening gloves from reputable stores to protect your hands.

2. Shovel


This tool helps you dig the soil to grow all your favorite plants. They are easy to buy with a variety of materials, sizes and prices.

Normal when use it, people often shovel to the ground. However, this habit makes them quickly rusted by moisture from the corroded metal.

3. Rake


Rakes are extremely useful when you need to mix soil types and substrates together. It is also used to loosen soil, mix fertilizer or simply use to level the soil.

Also with this rake tool you can use for garbage collection and fallen leaves on the ground is also very effective. These rake types are usually made of stainless steel and have very high durability, strength and compressive strength, so you can be assured of your land.

4. Pliers, Scissors or Shears


For gardeners who are passionate about bonsai creatures like gentlemen, they will love this product.

The scissors are designed with sturdy steel handles, and the sharp and sharp blade section will help you cut large branches without much effort.

After being pruned with a click of a tree twist, your plants will create extremely artistic shapes. Beautiful pots will show the beauty of each person.

Pliers cutting branches is really a very powerful tool for gardeners to be creative. In addition, you can use scissors to prune walls, walls, lawn mowers or clear the garden.

5. Saw


Every day in a garden, there are countless large branches that are deep, dry, dead or need to be removed …

To remove large branches without leaving a wound or defoliation affecting the growth and reproduction of the plant, you must necessarily use the saw.

The hand-held chainsaw is a compact product less than 60cm long, weighing just 1kg but can cut very sweet small branches such as bonsai trees to large branches.

6. Water sprayer

Water sprayer

There are various types of watering hoses depending on your preferences and the different plants. The most common are portable pressure sprayers. With a smart design that is sturdy and durable.

One end is a sprinkler head with a mist head and is connected to a high pressure spray gun. You can easily use this water bottle with just a few basic movements. The trees in your garden will be watered with this portable pressure sprayer.

7. Medicine and Seed Box

Pesticides, except fungicides, are often toxic chemicals and should be kept out of the reach of children or pets. A sturdy box containing these chemicals will ensure your family’s safety. Also you can use some nice boxes to store seeds. They will make it easier for you to manage materials for your garden.

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