6 Reasons Mommy Should Eat Mushroom During Pregnancy

Mushroom is a food rich in nutrients, easy to cook, delicious. Let’s discover the great nutritional benefits of this food.

       1.Rich in B vitamins

eat mushroom while pregnant

Vitamin B in fungi is diverse with many types such as B2, B3 and B5. This is a very important group of nutrients for the body. They not only help the body metabolize better but also play a role in energy metabolism.The nervous system, digestive system and skin of the mother’s gourd will be healthier each day if given enough of this vitamin.

In a portabella mushroom, there is even up to 8% of the vitamin B2, 21% of the vitamin B3 that your mother needs for a day. In fungi such as shiitake mushroom can give mom gourd 17% axid pantothenic.

      2.Enhance metabolism

Fat and protein are two nutrients that will be metabolized very well when mothers eat mushrooms. As the vitamin B component of the fungus helps the body burn carbohydrates and convert them into glucose efficiently.

      3.Supply vitamin D

Vitamin D is also abundant in the fungus. Usually, the body synthesizes vitamin D through the sun. Only mushrooms are foods that contain vitamin D in nature.Vitamin D plays an important role in the body’s absorption and metabolism of calcium, bone and nerve development for both mother and baby.

     4.Provide iron

Iron is an important nutrient during pregnancy. Because the mother’s body now has an increase in blood dosage and needs more hemoglobin.Iron is an important ingredient in the formation of these hemoglobin. Iron content in a cup of mushrooms is 8g and they meet the daily needs of the mother gourd.

  5. Increase immunity

Mushrooms also help the body increase immunity because they produce the virus resistance when participating in the metabolism of energy of the body. In addition, the body’s immune system is also promoted to mature when mothers eat mushrooms.

6. Anti oxidation and fiber supply

Selenium and ergothioneine are effective antioxidants and they are present in the fungus. Antioxidants play an important role in protecting the cells and limiting the activity of free radicals. As a result, they help the healthy baby cells, most clearly manifesting the skin’s health when eating mushrooms.

Besides, mushrooms also provide plenty of fiber and so can help mums prevent constipation.

Some notes when pregnant women eat mushroom

Pregnant mothers should only eat some common fungi such as enoki mushroom,shiitake mushroom … and absolutely avoid the “strange” mushrooms, unknown origin or buy in places that are not reliable.

Because some fungal species have been shown to be toxic and can cause various reactions such as digestive disorders, hallucinations, emotional disturbances for the mother, even death.

Mushrooms also often cause chills and indigestion, so mothers choose not to eat too many mushrooms at once.

Some delicious dishes that mom can cook with mushrooms are mushroom soup, fried mushroom soup, chicken mushroom stew, fried beef mushroom, mushroom hot pot …

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