6 Cool Things Your Kids Can Do With Technology

    6 Cool Things Your Kids Can Do With TechnologyTechnology is not just about work, computers, Smart phones and i Phones a great way to give children something cool to do. Thanks to the various apps and programs available today, the possibilities are endless. However, below is a list of a few ideas to get parents and children started on cools ways to spend the summer.


    1. Stargazing


    Technology provides children with “cool” opportunities to have fun. A prime example is using a Smart phone to discover the stars. With available apps, children can spend their evening learning the names of stars and discovering planets. All they have to do is point the phone skyward to gain an overview of the heavenly bodies shining down on them.


    2. Child Safe Websites


    The Internet provides thousands of child safe websites for children to chose from. Offering children a fun environment, many site age-appropriate games, art projects and reading goals. Parents should always use parental controls, provided in most Internet packages, to protect their children from inappropriate websites. In addition, cautioning children against signing up for paid websites is advised.


    3. Movie Time


    A Smart phone or i Phone is a great way for children to make their own home movies. They can write a play and act out the parts with family members and friends, use a computer to edit the play, and put together a fun movie for the family to enjoy.


    4. Geo-caching


    Children are inquisitive by nature, the idea of using a Smart phone with GPS tracking to find treasures throughout the yard sure to please. A technological twist on an old game, parents can use this to give their children something really fun and cool to do. Parents hide the treasures and children use the Smart phone for their own personal treasure hunt.


    5. Scrap-booking


    A computer and an art program are great ways for children to record their summer vacation. They can use art programs to personalize photo frames, add an artistic twist to captions and create decorative pages for their scrapbook. This is not only a cool way to record those fun summer days but a creative outlet children will love.


    6. Keeping In Touch


    Summer can become a lonely time for children, but a Smart phone or computer can end those lonely blues. Allowing children to make long distance calls to friends on vacation gives them something to look forward to and someone to share with. Setting up an Instant Message app ensures children keep in touch with friends, too.