5 Ways to Help Your Kids Finds Their Personal Style

    5 Ways to Help Your Kids Finds Their Personal Style

    5 Ways to Help Your Kids Finds Their Personal Style

    When your child is developing an interest in fashion and how people present themselves, you will find that it is worth your time to guide them. Fashion is a great way for your child to express themselves, so take a moment to think about how you help them find their personal style.

    Ask Them Why They Want to Dress a Certain Way
    When your child starts to express an interest in dressing a certain way, sit down with them and ask them why they want to dress like that. Be understanding and non-judgmental, Young children who are looking to express themselves through fashion have a lot of thoughts on the subject. If you know what their goals are, you can help them.

    Encourage Them to Be Creative
    Give your children a small clothing budget and take them to places where they can experiment. Second-hand stores are a great place to take children because there is a treasure-hunt aspect as well as the chance of finding some real vintage gems. Letting your children make their own fashion choices can help them feel much more in control of their lives.

    Go People Watching With Them
    When you are out and about, take a moment and ask them to look at the people around them. What kind of fashion choices are the people around them making? Remind your child that some clothing choices are made out of necessity and not out of pleasure, and that they should always keep that in mind. Being able to wear what you like is a privilege.

    Teach Them About the Color Wheel
    Small children are drawn to bright colors, and they may love colors that clash. There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes like this of course, but slightly older children might like a little bit of color theory to help them along. On the color wheel, colors that are next to one another match well, while colors directly opposite from one another have high and pleasant contrasts.

    Be Creative Yourself
    When you want your child to be creative dressers, you will find that you can often lead by example, Allow them to watch you put your own outfits together, and make sure that they know what your intent is. Ask them for help, and ask them what they think about your outfit. You will find that though their choices do not always mesh with yours that they can still develop their own tastes in this fashion.

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