5 Tips For You To Spice Up Your Next Family Party

    5 Tips For You To Spice Up Your Next Family PartyIt’s summer, and that means extended family gatherings with all their familiar trappings. Are you sick of the same backyard barbecues, large platters of sub sandwiches, or stack of pizza boxes? Looking for more pizzazz and excitement next time your family comes over to celebrate? Here are 5 excellent ideas to make your next family party one to remember.


    It seems like whenever there’s a large group, hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad suddenly become the name of the game. At your next family gathering, try to kick it up a notch in the food department. Try a homemade taco bar with grilled steak and shrimp, lettuce, tomato, salsa, guacamole, and shredded cheese. Everyone will have a blast coming up with delicious combinations, and the Mexican flair will make your party fun.


    As an alternative, add some Middle Eastern flavor with a spread of hummus, falafel, eggplant, and pita bread. Your family may be stuck in a rut with chicken fingers or plain pizza, but you never know when they’ll surprise you by trying new cuisines and making your party all the more fun.


    Family game night may seem like a big cliche, but it may bring your relatives closer together than ever. Your grumpy uncle may crack a smile if you tell him the family party is going to be dedicated to playing Texas Hold’em. The kids may stop wreaking havoc on your home if you start a round robin tournament of Go Fish and Crazy Eights. See how many people will play Twister in the backyard or start a hula hoop contest. Getting everyone excited and engaged will make your family party amazing and fun for everybody.


    The basic backyard barbecue invitations get stale. Think out of the box and see where the gang can go to mix it up. Is there a drive-thru movie theater somewhere near by? The kids will think an outdoor film is a hoot. See if the local museum or library is hosting a special event.


    Head to the beach or campgrounds to build a bonfire and roast marshmallows to make s’mores. See what late night events may be happening at the county fair or a local music festival. It may seem easier to just have everyone over at your place, but having a fun, new adventure with the family will be a great activity, and your house will be spotless at the end of the night.


    Your summer family parties will be much more fun if you incorporate these tips and tricks to spice it up. And who knows, maybe some long-lost cousins will see what fun you’re having and ask to join in too. The more the merrier!