5 Easy Jobs From Home for the Part Time Mom

    Many women find themselves caught in a battle these days. They want to work, but they also want to be home with their children. These six jobs can be managed while still taking care of children part of the day.


    5 Easy Jobs From Home for the Part Time MomChildcare


    Since you are staying at home anyway, you should look into opening your own daycare center. You will still be able to spend time with your child while you take care of the other little ones. Be sure that you go for the proper licensing and certifications required to open such an establishment.


    Sales Jobs


    Choosing sales jobs in UK is another possibility. With these jobs, you can often make phone calls from your home. Some of them might also allow you to work very part-time. Once you have reached a certain quota for the day or made a specific number of calls, you can stop.


    Industry Specific Jobs


    Perhaps you once went to college, and you obtained a degree in a field that you love. However, now, you are not using that education at all. Try to look for sales jobs that fall into a similar industry. For example, information technology sales jobs will allow you to use the specialized technology you have while you are working from home.


    Freelance Writing


    While writing is not a career to be classified as “easy” by nature, it can be quite flexible, and that’s really important for you. Look for jobs that allow you to work on your own time. When the kids are taking a nap, for example, you can complete some articles and earn some money.


    Online Storefront


    Do you have a hobby that you love to participate in during the day? You might paint beautiful murals, crochet little hats and mittens for the kids or sew beautiful quilts. Whatever it is that you do, set up an online storefront. You will still be able to participate in this hobby, but you can also make money from the products.




    Although a full catering business is definitely not a part-time job, you could take a couple of jobs here and there. A family friend might need cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday, and you could personalize those. You could also prepare food for a barbecue that your neighbor is hosting.


    Plenty of jobs exist that can be done on a part-time basis from the home. Sometimes, you just need to get a little bit creative when you want to find them.


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