4 Mother’s Sleeping Position Is Not Good For Fetus

Below, some sleeping conditions during pregnancy are not good for pregnant women and they are also factors affecting the health of the mother as well as the development of the fetus.

Lying on back

sleeping while pregnant

During the early weeks of pregnancy, the abdominal cavity is not large, the baby is small so the mother can lie on her back.

However, starting from the sixth week of pregnancy, the mother should not lie in this position because her weight will overwhelm the spine, back, intestines and blood vessels. Lying on the back also causes the mother to face the risk of hemorrhoids and painful joints, causing severe swelling.

More dangerous, lying on your back means reducing the amount of blood and oxygen delivered to the fetus, which in turn directly affects the absorption of nutrients and your baby’s development.

Lying on stomach

This is also the position pregnant mother should avoid during pregnancy because it not only make her uncomfortable but also hurt much to the fetus. When lying down, the veins are compressed, blocking the blood flow back to the heart.

This will make the mother easily fall into a state of discomfort, nausea, even hypotension. Reduced blood pressure results in decreased blood flow to the uterus and blood flow to the fetus.

Lying on your right

In the late months of pregnancy, the fetus tends to turn to the right. If the mother is also tilted to the right will make the uterus tilts to the right more, twisting blood vessels in the uterus, while pinching the blood vessels have a great impact on the health of the mother and fetus.

Therefore, if the mother lies to the left to help improve the situation and help blood flow easily, the fetus is also not hypoxia.

Lying on the table

Lying on the table

This is the most common case in office mothers. When working tired and having lunch, many women have a habit of lying down on the table to take a nap.However, few people know that this sleeping position will cause negative effects on the health of both pregnant women and fetus in the abdomen.

When the mother is lying face down on the table, the abdomen is pinched, and the back bent, causing lung activity to be affected.From there, the body’s lack of oxygen and the mechanism of carbon dioxide emissions are also hampered by the pressure on the baby in the abdomen, leading to hypoxia.

Notes about sleeping during pregnancy

Get enough sleep: If the mother is insufficient sleep, the health of the fetus is affected, especially the development of the body’s functioning.

Do not go to bed too late: The time from 23h to 3am is a favorable time for blood hematopoiesis. If the mother goes to sleep too late, it will waste the natural blood-forming process and this is not good for the fetus.

– When sleeping, you should not lie hard bed, head too high, if it is uncomfortable, can add a small pillow on the lower back.

– Although the early stages of pregnancy can sleep in many positions, but it is best for the mother to habitually lie to the left.By lying on this side, it is good for fetal development because the nutrients in the blood are transported to the placenta easily. It also helps the kidneys to work easily, eliminating the toxins faster.

-Currently, there are many types of pillows for pregnant women, so you can refer to them and use them to help you sleep better.Or you can also use the small pillows and put one under the calf and one on the back will also increase the feeling of comfort.

– During the last months of pregnancy, you can wear a lingerie when sleep and wear a “belt” for pregnant women to increase the feeling of comfort. Mother should also remember to wear comfortable clothesat night!

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