4 Mistakes At Lunch You Should Know

4 mistakes at lunch you should know
As advised by nutrition experts, eating unscientific lunch will be harmful to health, especially for some people with gastric disease, colon, digestive system poor …
Many office workers have a habit of eating food in general, sometimes viewed as side dishes, eat anything. However, according to the recommendations of nutritionists, eating unscientific lunch will be harmful to health, especially for some people suffering from stomach diseases, colon, digestive system …
Here are four mistakes when eating lunch lead to the risk of disease that many people do office work.
The food that is eaten in the workplace is well known by everyone because of the particularity of the job, so the overwhelming food exists in the offices too much. Everyone can eat anything because this is not the main meal. However, this is very wrong.
According to the Dr David, the daily meal (especially lunch) should ensure there are four full food groups. There must be at least 15 foods from the four main food groups (sugar powder, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals) to ensure the micronutrients of the diet. Because if we do not ensure enough nutrients this will not work well.
Eating processed foods is essential

With the food available is not good for the body at all. When we eat too much food, our body is prone to obesity and diabetes. But food is available to the common people to eat or use because of the fast and convenient industrial habits

However, many processed foods contain very little calories as well as nutritional value, but contain too much salt and fat that can stimulate appetite in the brain. The good taste of the food is usually due to the additives, so if you eat a lot, your body will feel appetite and you will probably consume excess amounts.
The US Centers for Disease Control has released a full report of the three-quarters of the salt Americans consumed from either ready-to-eat or restaurant food.
In 2003, a World Health Organization confirmed that processed foods are one of the causes of rising obesity worldwide.

The combination of sodium, trans fat, artificial sweeteners and calories in processed foods is one reason that can easily lead to obesity.

In addition, eating fast foods increases the risk of diabetic many processed foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils – substances that are not recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe as they are commonly found in sausages. These oils contain large amounts of trans fat, so if you consume them, it is easy to cause obesity and high cholesterol, as well as diabetes.

Eat too fast

eat too fast

Due to the work environment as well as office lunches, people have a fast-food business style to take a break or eat fast to do other things. However, according to David nutritionist, eating too fast is not good for health, especially for people with gastric and gastrointestinal diseases are not good. In addition, eating fast can cause choking, causing heartburn and stomach upsets and many other illnesses.

In the fast food process, the food is not digested properly in the oral cavity, directly to the stomach when in raw form. This will directly harm the lining of the stomach, increase the burden and working time of the stomach, fatigue the stomach muscles and reduce gastric motility.

According to Indian researchers, fast-eating people are 2.5 times more likely to have diabetes than those who eat slower. Because eating too fast causes the stomach and brain to “communicate” and cause the body not to receive the full signal, the amount of food into the body more than normal.

Eat not at the right time

Busy work in office workers and unstable hours make it hard for many to eat meals on time, causing stomach trouble to work, damaging the stomach and making you forget the feeling hungry.

However, many people do not know that eating properly will help you lose weight effectively while still maintaining your health. This is more important than cutting down on fatty foods. When eaten on time, the digestive system works better, the body tolerates better nutrients. In addition, ensuring that eating properly will make the fat stored in the body and metabolism more stable.

A diet high in fat and inadequate eating habits will alter the body’s biological clock. This can increase the risk of obesity.

Therefore, unproductive eating is the underlying cause of many diseases such as obesity, stomach … that people are ignorant.

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