4 Knives Your Kids Can Use Without Worry

    4 Knives Your Kids Can Use Without WorryKnives are one of the most commonly used tools of any household. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most dangerous. Many children have seriously harmed themselves by handling sharp knives. Cutlery companies produce many varieties of knives for hunting and cooking purposes, such as the knives by Gerber, but most are intended for adults. The good news is that there are knives that are specially designed to be safe for children. Here are four knives that your kids can use without putting themselves in danger.

    The KiddiKutter is a brightly colored knife that has a dull blade and lacks sharp edges. It works like a saw, allowing it to cut into objects effectively and yet still be completely safe to use. It features a molded handle that is easy to grasp. The KiddiKutter is designed to help teach toddlers how to cut their own food. It comes in four different colors – aqua, hot pink, green, and purple. They are eighteen centimeters in length. It is recommended for kids who are three and up.

    Kai My First Knife features a bright plastic handle and a curved, rounded blade. It is suitable for older children who are learning how to prepare meals. It works for both right handed and left handed kids. This knife is recommended for children nine years and up. The blade is sharper than knives that are designed for toddlers, but it is shaped in a way that greatly reduces the possibility that a child will cut themselves. Kai (a Japanese utensil company) does recommend that adults supervise their children when they use this knife, just to be safe.

    My Safe Cutter features a blade with a circular shaped point. It is designed to strike a balance between being an effective cutting tool and being safe for kids. The blade is not sharp or pointy enough to easily cause harm. My Safe Cutter is safe to put in the dishwasher.

    The Zyliss Lettuce Knife is a plastic product with dull edges. It is available in a multitude of different colors. This knife was specifically designed to chop lettuce, but is also very effective as a knife children can use. This knife is dishwasher safe and kid proof.

    As you can see, there are several options for parents who want their kid to be able to cut their own food. Whether they are a toddler or an elementary school kid, there are knives that are perfect for them to use.