15 Things To Avoid During Pregnancy First Trimester

thing avoid during pregnancy

The first 3 months of pregnancy is extremely sensitive because the fetus is too young and the gourd does not admit it to the changes of the body so it is necessary to have the notice to ensure the health and safety of the baby. . Here are 15 things to avoid during the first trimester of pregnancy:

avoid during pregnancy

1. Pregnant mothers in the first trimester should not be exposed to heat radiation and toxic substances. Increasing body temperature during pregnancy, dyeing hair or nail polish, and nails can cause birth defects and affect IQ in later children.

2. Pregnant women should not run, jump, bend over, or over-exercise with dangerous sports. Pregnancy should not climb high or lift, calf, carry heavy objects.

3. Pregnant women should not take drugs indiscriminately, when taking any medicine should consult with the doctor, avoid taking drugs unknown sources or ingredients harmful to fetus.

4. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to sitting posture, should not squatting, sitting back, shoulder, cross legged and should not bend back while sitting.

5. Walking should be lightly. When climbing stairs, the mother should stick to the wall to maintain balance. Newly pregnant women are advised not to climb stairs too much.

6. Your mother should abstain for standing too long or stand up and sit down abruptly. If work requires standing, take advantage of travel and take rest 30 minutes / time. Over-standing will cause miscarriage and possibly miscarriage.

7. Limit the use of cold water for bathing, shampooing and also do not use too hot water because the sudden increase in temperature in the body can cause birth defects.

8. Pregnant women should not be concentrated in crowded places, especially in public places where the disease is due to easily spread disease due to resistance during early fetal stage is weak.

9. Pay attention to changes in the body especially the fetal heart rate. If you notice shortness of breath, tell your doctor immediately.

10. Watch the body at any time during pregnancy, especially in the first three months, with symptoms of vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain … pregnant women need to rest and see a doctor immediately.

11. Pregnant women are anemic, pregnant with multiple pregnancies, a history of miscarriage, high blood pressure … should spend more time resting and see the doctor on a regular schedule. These mothers should also talk to their specialist about their condition to be monitored more closely.

12. Pregnant mothers who have had a history of miscarriage, vaginal bleeding, placenta placenta, premature or abnormal amniotic fluid should avoid having sex completely during the first trimester of pregnancy.

13. Pregnant mothers should also reduce their working time, avoid stress and spend more time resting, especially with morning sickness. During work, it is necessary to avoid excessive travel, heavy work and late night work.

14. Pregnant women should avoid eating foods that are not good for the body such as raw food, canned food, greasy foods, unpasteurized foods or food that causes uterine contractions leading to abortion such as pineapple, green papaya, lemongrass, lettuce, safflower, wormwood, coconut water …

15. Absolutely say no to alcohol and caffeinated beverages, alcoholic, carbonated …

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