11 Most Effective Tips To Relieve Sore Nipples During Pregnancy

Sore nipples during pregnancy shall make you feel uncomfortable and result in doing nothing all day. In this article, we shall explain you the methods of treatment that can help you in healing the sore nipples or even get rid of them before they cause more troubles to your day to day activity.

Body change in women, especially during pregnancy period is not new, and it is high time each would be pregnant women must know about the changes before experiencing them in real. Nipple pain while pregnant are the very first body change every expectant mother might experience. The nipples start giving you the pain during the early days of pregnancy. The pain shall even continue throughout the nine upcoming months if at all a proper care has not been taken on it.

Why do sore nipples during pregnancy hurt a lot?

Sore nipples during pregnancy

Everyone would be wondering like, is it normal to have nipple pain during pregnancy period? The answer is yes, and there is no need to worry about it if you know the ways to get quick relief from the pain. The pain around the nipple region shall make you feel a little bit tender to aching and then tingle. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then it is the right time to get rid of them.

On a positive note, the sore nipples are the sign of your body starting to prepare itself to nourish the baby after giving birth. When a woman tends to become pregnant, her two hormones namely estrogen and progesterone are highly responsible for the pain to happen at first place. These two hormones are also responsible for the breast tenderness and the sore nipples usually considered as the first sign of pregnancy.

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How to relieve nipple pain while pregnant?

You can ease nipple pain by talking about it with your partner so that they can be soft with the nipples while having sex.  Also, it has been brought to notice that women love to have more sex when their nipples get sore. The following are some of the practical tips to get relief from nipple pain.

 Purchase perfect bra:

If you are experiencing a burning nipple pain, then you must stop wearing the unsupporting bras that can make you feel very uncomfortable. Buy a good sports or maternity bra from the online or offline stores that shall help you to keep both your breasts in perfect place and to minimise the overall discomfort that happens due to the burning sensation around the nipples. Tender nipples shall feel less irritated when you cover them with thick fabric materials.

 Know your size:

Wearing a bra that never fits on your breast shall increase the sore nipples

Wearing a bra that never fits on your breast shall increase the sore nipples and even spread the soreness all around them. You need to find the right cup size that can hold your breasts perfectly on it. As the breasts tend to grow after pregnancy, you need to purchase the bras as per the right size suitable to the shape of the breast.

 Sleep wearing a bra:

Breast pain while pregnant mostly happens when women decide to sleep without wearing the bra. One needs to properly cover them up, especially during the sleep over time to make sure the blood flows equally around the breast area and prevent them from getting sore. One must not wear a tight bra as it will definitely constrict the blood flow.

 Wear your breast pads:

If you are thinking about how to relieve nipple pain while pregnant, then you need to wear breast pads that can ease your nipples from getting irritated and even reduce the overall pain caused by the soreness. It is quite often to experience the soreness around the nipple region, and one might even find it too sensitive to touch them. Come to terms with this situation by wearing breast pads, other than wearing the usual fabric one with laces.

 Follow the water therapy:

Stop nipple pain around your breast by taking the water therapy every day. Warm water has the ability to ease the pain from the sensible parts of the human body, in particular with the nipple region. Taking a shower can be uncomfortable as the water jet shall fall directly upon the aching breast area.

If you have a bathtub, then fill it up with warm water and take a bath in it. You can even use a towel immersed in warm water and rub the nipple region. Regularly treating the sore nipples with warm water can give considerable relief from nipple pain.

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 Cold compresses:

Extreme nipple pain happens due to an increased blood flow to the breast region. A tingling sensation can feel, and it shall become unbearable.

Ease this situation by placing a small washcloth soaked well in cool water on your breasts. You can even put an ice pack or refrigerated cabbage leaves directly on the nipples to get quick relief.

 Avoid any irritants:

If you are in a plan to ease nipple pain, then you must avoid using soaps that have the tendency to dry the skin areas on your nipples and breasts. When the skin tends to become dry, more irritation happens for no reason.

Make use of creams that have chamomile and calendula contents. These creams shall help in soothing and ease the discomfort of nipple pain you may have been facing since the first month of pregnancy.

You can even apply virgin oil all around the breast region to prevent them from getting dry due to your overall body temperature. Wash your clothes with detergents that can act well on your sensitive skin.

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 Treat the pain gently:

Burning nipple pain is much common with most pregnant women, and one needs to treat the pain gently and not work too much on it. Make sure not to get in touch with the nipples when hugging or while having sex with your partner as it can bring more discomfort to nipples for no reason. If you have small kids in your home, then you must explain them to be gentle with your whole body as your skin can easily get infected by any viruses.

 Distract yourself:

Breast pain while pregnant can be harmful when you tend to keep all your concentration on them all day. You need to distract yourself at first, to stop feeling the soreness that happens around your nipple region. You can easily do so by turning on the TV or by reading an old book to bring in some good memories that can make you feel good and comfortable. Distraction is one practical method to get rid of any pain that happens to a human body.

 Stay hydrated:

Stop nipple pain by drinking plenty of water during pregnancy period. When your body gets dehydrated, you will start feeling the tenderness and swelling all around your nipples. Get hydrated either by drinking water or by eating fruits that have plenty of water.

 Reduce your salt intake:

Salt is always one of the notorious food flavor agent responsible for creating a lot of health issues. You need to reduce the overall salt intake to get rid of extreme nipple pain.

Salts are allergic especially during dehydration, and it may induce pain over your nipples and surrounding areas. Intake little amount of salt with your daily food and get hydrated well to stop the soreness from spreading around.


If you still languish with confusions how to relieve nipple pain while pregnant, then you must probably stop thinking about it as it is a common phenomenon happens during pregnancy with most of the women. It occurs only during the first trimester of your pregnancy period, and there is nothing to worry about it.

Sore nipples during pregnancy are temporary, and it would be easy to have relief by following any of the tips mentioned above regularly.  The best suggestion is to accept the reality, as it is part of the body changes preparation during pregnancy and deviate the attention from sore nipple by engaging into any interesting things, like reading books or watching your favorite TV series.  If paid persists and become unbearable, it would be better to consult your doctor, rather than doing experiments.

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