11 Simple & Useful Tips For Increasing Breast Milk

Useful Tips For Increasing Breast Milk

Breast milk more or less is not simply the body of each person different, but there are still general principles to milk a lot of milk mothers do not notice.

Many mothers worry about why they are born with less milk, while many mothers give birth not directly  but milk sources are plentiful, even surplus. Certainly not simply the body of each person is different, there are general principles to have more milk that many mothers not pay attention.

In the opinion of many experts, low milk status is due to the hormonal imbalance within the mother’s body leading to low birth weight.

When you are pregnant or when you feel little milk, do not worry too much, but find out the cause for proper treatment.The anxiety will not solve anything that will make your mother more tired so you need to really calm.

Here are some tips to help your baby get more milk, making breastfeeding easier.

Useful Tips For Increasing Breast Milk
Useful Tips For Increasing Breast Milk
  1. Natural childbirth

Caesareans need more antibiotics to prevent infection so it will affect the milk production after delivery.

Normal birth, the amount of oxytocin and prolactin is optimized, stimulating milk faster and more. In addition, infants also suffer from some of the effects of the drugs mentioned above, which affects their ability to breastfeed.

  1. Breastfeed immediately after birth

Normal birth is often considered a good start to breastfeeding, but it does not mean that mothers who have a caesarean section will not be able to breastfeed successfully.

The mother should try to breastfeed within an hour after birth to take advantage of the precious milk source, as well as gestures cuddling, close to the child as much as possible.

Staying with your baby and breastfeeding whenever he or she wants will create a positive reaction to your mother’s milk production.

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  1. Breastfeeding regularly

Breast milk is produced on the principle of supply – demand. The more mothers breastfeeding, the more milk they give.
So, mother is comfortable breastfeeding when she wants to feed but not necessarily follow a schedule for any breast milk.

  1. Limit use the bottle

how to increase breast milk supply

Do you know that babies need to use different tongue and jaw movements when breastfeeding and bottle feeding? When a baby is introduced to breastfeeding but at the same time “learning” bottle, breastfeeding can be adversely affected.

Therefore, mothers should restrict bottle feeding, even if it is breast milk, as well as the use of pacifiers in the early postpartum period.

  1. Consider using a breast pump

Quite a lot of mothers use a breast pump soon after each feed because they think it will stimulate more milk production.

However, according to some nutrition experts, this habit in the first weeks after birth will lose the natural balance between the amount of milk that the mother produces with the amount of milk that she needs.

Mothers will spend more time on this unnecessarily but can lead to chest tightness or more severe breast abscesses caused by too much milk.

  1. Heating pads

One of the tips to stimulate the milk that you can make yourself at home is the warm combination of breast massage, and heat for the shoulder and back before breastfeeding.

  1. Regularly massage the breast gently

During pregnancy, you should massage gently in the direction of the circle to stimulate active milk glands and help the breasts become more toned and beautiful after birth.

Especially, during the massage you should not touch or udder to compress the uterus lightly, and if the nipple is falling inside then you have to pull out to overcome this situation.

After the birth, you need to use steamed rice stew + yogurt + minced purple onions mixed together to keep warm, then apply your hands to the breast and massage immediately after delivery will not clog the milk and milk will taste better.

In the early days you have to continuously massage and breastfeed during the day to milk milk to clear, avoid locking milk and milk after birth.

In the early days you have to constantly massage and breastfeed to avoid wheezing and milking and more milk after birth.

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8. Keep your nipple clean

You need to clean the nipples daily with warm water, keeping the nipple clean, especially the nipple, so it does not clog the milk. Before feeding the baby, clean and squeeze a few drops of head removed, when the finish should also be cleaned and dried.

When the milk is not flowing or blocked, use a soft hand to rub the breast, use a milk tube or use a strong hand to milk.

  1. Cradled baby

Scientific studies have shown the relationship between parental care behavior and the amount of milk produced. Accordingly, actions such as caressing and neonatal tendencies will promote elevated levels of oxytocin and prolactin in the mother.

Both of these hormones are essential for the production and secretion of breast milk. Lactating mothers also have elevated levels of oxytocin and prolactin in the bloodstream, promoting emotional attachment between mother and child, creating a positive cycle of support for breastfeeding.

  1. Always stay with your baby

increase breast milk naturally at home

An interesting way to increase mother-infant bonding as well as increase milk production is to massage the baby and the baby in front of the chest.

In this way, young mothers can feel more confident in communicating with newborn babies. In addition, sleeping with the baby also has many positive effects because this will facilitate the mother to breastfeed regularly at night. Maintain a healthy diet.

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  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Eating well after birth not only helps mothers have good health both physically and mentally to take care of the caring but also an important foundation for mothers enough milk for their children.

First of all, mothers must always think that they have enough breast milk, not too nervous or influenced by the outside. The spirit is comfortable, the body is healthy, the milk is new. Happy mother and baby are always healthy. Always accompany and support pjmommy.com for more useful information !

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