10 Seasonal Uses for Essential Lavender Oil

    Winter and the holiday seasons are rapidly approaching.  And, if you live in a part of the world that goes through the four seasons, you probably have different skin care products that you use in each season. Many people use products that are designed for summer needs and different products in the winter months. However, if you want to reduce the amount of products in your skin care regimen, you can turn to pure, essential lavender oil to provide soothing skin care all year long. As winter approaches, you can apply Lavender Oil for all kinds of cold and dry weather remedies. But when the Summer comes again, it has many applications that will work just as well in the warm, humid months. This is an introductory yet practical list of how you can use lavender this Holiday Season and through the rest of the year:

    1. Sooth winter chapped lips. One of the biggest problems in the winter is dryness, especially with the lips. When you want to use lavender for treating your lips, you must invest in pure therapeutic oil and not oil for external use only. With the right product (100% therapeutic grade), you simply place lavender oil on your lips and enjoy the soothing sensation and amazing smell. It is also essential to stay hydrated with plenty of water throughout the day.
    2. Sooth dry winter skin. Lavender oil has so many uses including moisturizing, killing bacteria, and relieving pain. When you have chapped hands from winter dryness and constant washing, you can use a few drops of lavender to sooth the chapping and kill the bacteria that can infect the little splits or cracks that come from extremely dry skin.
    3. Ease sinusitis. Many adults and children have problems with sinusitis throughout the year and lavender is one of the best remedies. You can place drops of lavender near the nasal passages, forehead, temples, or any other place that is affected by sinus pain. You can also add it to a humidifier to bring the calming scent into your room to help you sleep through the sinus problem.
    4. Create a soothing bath. No matter what the season may be, a soothing bath is a great way to relieve whatever ails you. Add a several drops of lavender into a warm bath and you will calm your skin problems, sooth your mind, and bring balance back into your life.
    5. Safely keep away biting insects. Bug spray is incredibly toxic. Instead of placing toxic chemicals on your skin, use lavender oil instead. Add it to a water spray bottle and spray on yourself and those you love to keep the biting insects away so you can fun in the summer months.
    6. Sooth insect bites. If you forgot to cover your skin with your lavender bug spray and the biting insects got to you, place a few drops of lavender oil on the places that sting. The smell will calm the mind and the oil will relieve the discomfort and itchy sensations.
    7. Sooth a sunburn. In the summer, many people get sunburns. Lavender can be used to bring relief to the sting and pain from the common sunburn. Add it to aloe vera gel or even diluted apple-cider vinegar for a calming concoction.
    8. Make a lavender-infused tea. It can be nice to enjoy a hot cup of tea in the winter or a pleasant cup of iced tea in the summer. You can add a few drops of pure essential lavender to your favorite flavor of tea, like chamomile or jasmine. Be sure that the oil is a pure, edible form, however, as many on the market are not.
    9. Sooth headache pain. It does not matter what the season may be, the changing weather can often cause tension headaches. You can easily use lavender to sooth the pain by rubbing oil on your temples or the back of your neck.
    10. Calm a sore throat or cough. All of the seasons can bring sore throats and other cold-related problems. Lavender oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that can relieve the pain that comes with a sore throat or cough. You can also place a few drops around the throat and massage them in to calm the cough and cure the sore throat.

    Some of these uses are clearly for the winter, while others will be effective in the summer. This holiday season, you can stock up on essential Lavender oil to treat all of these common winter issues and many others. Not only will you be making a good, safe and natural investment in your home healthcare strategies and preventions, but you will also be investing in something that works all year round!

    About the authors: Aaron & Jennifer Schulman from JenniferSchulman.com enjoy using Lavender essential oil for their own relaxation as well as home remedies for their 3 girls. Their little ones have grown to enjoy lavender to relax before bedtime, as well as applying it for relief with little cuts, scrapes, boo-boos and “owies”. They have researched, used and tested lavender oil for many uses around the home, including an article about the benefits of lavender for skin.


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